The Veteran Affairs Per a Military Veteran

Why do military veterans suffer at the hands of the Veteran Affairs? The VA manages programs and is taking advantage of veterans daily. Genuine supporters of veterans are suffering. These supporters are required to wait while experiencing higher-ups benefit off the blood, sweat, and difficulties of veterinarians. The supporters wait as tax paying dollars are being mishandled. Medical Directors are providing themselves big reward perks. Are their incomes not big enough? Where does the cash funding these reward, perks originate from? Your tax paying dollars obviously.

We have homeless veterans strolling our streets. Some reside in under the local underpasses, yet within the local Veterans Hospital, Starbucks coffees are offered by veteran whistleblower. Remember the valet parking. If this is not an outrage, then I do unknown exactly what outrage is. The VHA department of the Veteran Affairs pleads daily for money from the public and seasoned advocacy groups. Why should the local veteran advocacy groups add to the Veteran Affairs? The VA gets designated spending plans from Congress yet “panhandles” from the residents. This works for the Veteran Affairs because it allows them to keep their Starbucks’ Coffee Cafe and the valet parking. We must not overlook the” lining of their own pockets”.

Having an overpriced coffee cafe within a veteran’s health center is an insult. Most of the veterinarians taking a trip through these medical facilities cannot manage to purchase costly European Coffee. It is not entertaining to see the health center personnel in line every early morning for their expensive caffeine repair.

Why do we have non-veterans running our veteran healthcare facilities? Why does it take so long for academic claims to be processed for our handicapped veterans? Handicapped veterans wait on average over one month for their preliminary “work research study” applications to be processed. When the Veteran Affairs is asked why the application procedure is so long, their reaction is “We are still processing claims sent 2 months back”. Remember this is a program which helps handicapped veterans in acquiring work along with informing themselves. Handicapped veterans cannot wait on the application procedure and decide to leave the program because they need to work to feed themselves and their households. This program has developed into a joke for handicapped veterans. Why are veterans being turned when asking for bus tokens or food coupons? This is yet another outrage thinking about the staff members at the medical facilities are getting reward bonus offers and complimentary bus passes for just carrying out the tasks they were employed to carry out.

The Veteran Affairs remains in the business of producing suffering and suffering for our countries veterans. If veterans are not suffering they do not work. It’s obvious how the VA produces their quotas, therefore, allowing their predicament for more funds from Congress. Torment and misery are exactly what the Veteran Affairs does best, and it shows apparent that business readies.

The VA workers ought to repent as they own to and from operating in their costly cars while drinking their expensive java. This is happening while our country’s veterans are sleeping on the streets and underpasses. They rest on their paid too much behinds while rejecting our veterans the accurate self-respect they are worthy of. If the Veteran Affairs is the only help which our country’s veterans can look for, then I require whatever God any of us praise if any at all, to assist all of us.